The Company

The co-founders of Unidecor Ltd, Gary Coppins and Rosen Golomehov, worked together for many years in the construction industry, before formalising their partnership with the launch of Unidecor in March 2010.

There is a longstanding tradition of the painting and decorating trade in Gary's family - his father and grandfather were painters too. Meanwhile, Rosen's background before he moved to the UK in 2003 and became a builder, was as a retail manager in Bulgaria. Together, they have worked in the building trade since the 2007. Their complementary skills of project management and building have seen them work as both a main contractor and sub-contractor for many different contracts across Greater London and the home counties.

They are especially proud of the fact that 87% of their building projects come from repeat business - testamount of the emphasis they placed on customer service.